Campus Map

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imagemap Cromer Bergman Alumnae House Dana Science Building Moody Center Richard Wetherill Visual Arts Center and Eleanor D. Wilson Museum Turner Hall Cocke Memorial Building duPont Chapel Wyndham Robertson Library Swannanoa Hall Theatre Pleasants Hall Tinker House Main Building Presser Hall East Building Bradley Hall Batten Tennis Center President’s House Riding Center West Building Botetourt Hall Eastnor Alumnae Cottage Barbee House Carvin House La Maison Francaise Duchouquet Cottage Rath Haus Sandusky Rose Hill Malvern Hill The Rock Beale Garden Randolph Hall Hill Building / Old Parsonage Faculty Avenue Athletic Complex

2020欧洲杯网址APPcromer bergman alumnae house

dana science building

2020欧洲杯网址APPmoody center

2020欧洲杯网址APPrichard wetherill visual arts center and eleanor d. wilson museum

2020欧洲杯网址APPturner hall

2020欧洲杯网址APPcocke memorial building

2020欧洲杯网址APPdupont chapel

wyndham robertson library

2020欧洲杯网址APPswannanoa hall


2020欧洲杯网址APPpleasants hall

tinker house

2020欧洲杯网址APPmain building

presser hall

2020欧洲杯网址APPeast building

bradley hall

2020欧洲杯网址APPbatten tennis center

president’s house

riding center

west building

botetourt hall


2020欧洲杯网址APPalumnae cottage

barbee house

carvin house

la maison francaise

duchouquet cottage

rath haus


rose hill

malvern hill

the rock

beale garden

2020欧洲杯网址APPrandolph hall

hill building / old parsonage

faculty avenue

2020欧洲杯网址APPathletic complex