Traditions link the present to the past, and they provide a dash of fun and spirit to the Hollins experience.

The Rock

The Rock

2020欧洲杯网址APPby tradition, only seniors can paint colorful messages on this large chunk of shale located near the science building.

Faculty Caroling

faculty and administrators surprise students by singing favorite holiday songs outside the residence halls.

First Step

following opening convocation at the beginning of each academic year, seniors take their first official steps onto front quad.

Golden Rule Dinner

the money saved by serving a simple dinner goes toward service organizations.

Holiday Tea

2020欧洲杯网址APPa festive gathering full of good cheer and delicious treats.

Hollins Day

Hollins Day pays tribute to all who played a crucial role in Hollins’ institutional history.  

Hundredth Night

2020欧洲杯网址APP100 days before graduation, seniors have a party and reflect on their hollins years.

Miss Matty’s Birthday

2020欧洲杯网址APPmatty cocke, daughter of hollins’ founder, was the first woman to head a college in virginia. she served as hollins’ president from 1901 to 1933.

Pancake Study Breaks

2020欧洲杯网址APProle reversal: faculty and staff make pancakes for students during late-night study breaks before fall and spring finals.

Passing of the Robes

seniors bequeath their decorated robes to juniors.

Ring Night

juniors take part in skits and other silly antics to earn their class rings and discover the identity of their senior sisters.

Senior Class Banquet

2020欧洲杯网址APPsophomores host a banquet honoring the senior class.

Sharing the Light: A holiday celebration in story and song

expanding on the longstanding tradition of the hollins white gift service, this candlelight event of music, readings, and dance celebrates the spirit of the holiday season, and welcomes the diverse traditions of our community.

Favorite Tradition? Tinker Day

Tinker Day

Tinker Day

on a surprise day in october, students, faculty, and staff don crazy costumes and hike tinker mountain. the reward: a picnic of fried chicken and tinker cake.

Photos and video from Tinker Day 2019